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Death of gaim-vv

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Death of gaim-vv

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Google committed some their code to gaim about 24 hours ago. It kills off the many fine hours of effort put in by marv, others and myself, into bringing MSN and Yahoo webcams, and other niftyness to gaim 2.x, and invents more work for us. Personally, I'm affronted that a commercial company such as Google would behave like this to the OSS community. Buy off the project lead developer and have him shit on the people who continue to give their time freely.

Sean promised that if I forward ported gaim-vv to gaim HEAD, he'd commit it, and I'd then be granted access to continue working on farsight integration and other niceness. The patch has been in the tracker for one month, and Sean's code specifically ignores it to the point of replacing gaim-vv's generic API calls with specific voice calls. Apparently there were parts of gaim-vv which were too webcam centric. Guess what? It got thrown out and replaced with voice-centric stuff instead of making it media centric -> *THE ENTIRE POINT OF -VV*

Their support guy (Luke) has even says he doesn't care about the stuff we've done. If that's meant to be discouragement, I don't know what is. Particularly when he says if I were in the same room as him, I'd be hurting right now*. For some reason, he seems to think it's OK for him to get upset at being mis-represented, but it's OK when others on the gaim team misrepresent themselves to the OSS community.

Maybe there's some internal $ bonus reward thing for Sean, maybe there's some secret desire to keep developers fixing up his crappy code. Maybe he just enjoys leading enthusiastic hackers up the garden path. Maybe he doesn't believe gaim is a meritocracy. Maybe he hasn't even read his own book. Who knows. I just know I'm jack of it.

My 2c bet. No video for gaim 2.x, voice only on google (if then). Gaim won't be called gaim anymore, and more people leave the project.

*Post edit: Apparently this was not meant as a threat of violence, as en_AU would have it and I took it to be, but as an insult. Language is a very odd thing indeed.

Update: Sean seems to be saying that he asked me if what he was doing would be OK. Just to set the record straight, after pleading with him several times last weekend to let me see what he had before he committed, so I could ensure such a fuck-up wouldn't happen, he flat out refused (because his code just didn't exist) and insisted that the only way I'd do this would be after he commits. He also seems to lay the blame at him choosing linphone over gstreamer at my feet, as (a) gstreamer's not mature (b) it was easier for him to do in linphone. My point, which he still seems to be missing, is that gaim-vv was designed to be architecture neutral.

Update update: I'm posting other entries regarding this in my main blog, not on this article. Feel free to read it. Also, I'd like to thank those who have posted words of support, thanks, encouragement etc. It's nice to know that the gaim-vv and farsight efforts have been appreciated in the community, if not by the developers who block us bringing these to you. It's certainly made me pause and (once again) reconsider my jump. However, I still believe gaim's days are numbered due to (a) poor project lead (b) poor architecture

Update update update: Please don't post any more 'hey, let's fork' comments. That discussion is worthy of a post-doctorate in itself. I'll keep comments open, but will delete any more forking comments. If people decide to ignore my request, I'll close the comments down completely. Please try and be supportive of me, or supportive of gaim, or supportive of sean, or concretely constructive and thoughtful in your comments.

Finally, *please* check the main blog for update articles. I'm growing tired of people not reading the 'state' to which I've moved, particularly as this will lead to more misinformation &(baa); happening.
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